Make Money Your Employee

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Make Money Your Employee


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“Maximize Your Cash and Make Your Money Work For You”

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It’s time out for working every single day, investing years into your career, yet your bank account doesn’t reflect it. After all, you work hard, pay your bills, and have invested time, energy and effort into your education and profession. But retirement is looming around the corner and you are nowhere near prepared for it. It’s time to have something to show for it. How is this possible when you feel like you simply don’t make enough or have enough remaining after paying bills to save or invest your money?

In “Make Money Your Employee,” Eric McGlothen, CPA and CEO of Eric McGlothen, LLC tax accounting firm, shares the “EMAC Money Method”, which simplifies money management and income growth strategies for the everyday person.

You’ll Learn:


Mindset shifts to master your money, develop your financial discipline, and increase your confidence


The most common investment vehicles and what they are, how they work, and how you can leverage them to compound your income over time


Easy ways to move your money and increase your assets – even when you think you can’t afford to

If you desire to start where you are with what you have, grow your income, prepare for your future, and leave an inheritance for those coming after you, it’s time to take control of your future and Make Money Your Employee.

My goal is to help the individual understand that no matter what station they find themselves in life, they can start investing. They can begin from where they are. No amount is too small. They can start with a dollar.


I’ve attended two of Eric’s video events, explaining tax law changes and how tax law can work in your favor. He doesn’t charge for this, it’s free. I have learned more from his videos than some college courses. – S.T. Miao


Eric took very good care of my tax situation at a very modest price. I highly recommend him for your cryptocurrency needs. AleX M


Hiring this firm was the best thing I could’ve done for my business. – K.S.

“Great Foresight”

Eric understood exactly where I was in my business and he has the foresight to advise me on my next steps. – Shanan J.

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